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Since 2009, the couple have made regular donations from the proceeds of their albums and public appearances with children of disadvantaged families.

Last year, Tiger JK and rapper Bizzy donated the proceeds from the sixth season of “Show Me The Money” to SWS for single mothers and children up for adoption.

A few years ago it was very scarce that you would see an idol that was half Korean but as the industry becomes more globalized, these diverse idols are becoming more and more popular.

After they confirmed it, they were reluctant to talk to the medias and hold interviews.

In an exclusive interview with AM7, Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mirae told it all about their life as a married couple, their son Jordan and the change in their music. Drunken Tiger: There was the song “Immortal Soul (Found You)” in the album “1945 Liberation” that was released in 2005. Back then, I don’t know if the song was an implicit metaphor for the fact that we were dating.

By Lee Hyo-won Staff Reporter Hip hop stars ``T'' (Yoon Mi-rae), 27, and Tiger JK (Seo Jeong-gwon), 34, are married with a four-month-old baby boy, it was belatedly reported Thursday by Yonhap News.

Drunken Tiger rapper Tiger JK and T, former member of group Uptown and R&B duo Tashani, were secretly wed last June, according to the two's management agency Jungle Entertainment.

T fell pregnant in July, the same month Drunken Tiger's 94-year-old grandmother passed away. The official announcement of the marriage was delayed due to the grandmother's funeral and Tiger JK's trip to the United States. While it was never publicized, the two had been dating for seven years prior to the marriage.