Updating resume after graduation

Graduate students should consult with their advisor, major professor, or graduate program director; this is especially important if appointed as a graduate assistant.

A: You should bring a driver's license, official state ID card, Social Security card, court order of legal name change, current passport, or official proof of identity certified by U. embassy abroad or by the appropriate foreign embassy in the United States to the Office of the Registrar, 150 Administration Building.

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They often mention that they’ve had people look over their materials and that those people agree that their resume and cover letter aren’t the problem. I’ll often ask to see their resume and cover letter anyway — despite their confidence that those aren’t the problem. And as a result, these job-seekers have been continuing to apply with mediocre materials and continuing to not get interviews, and are frustrated because they can’t figure out why.

This is highly likely to be true for you if (1) your resume mainly lists your job duties rather than talking about the outcomes you achieved at each job, and/or (2) your cover letter basically summarizes the information in your resume (in which case it’s not adding anything at all to your application).

A: A withdrawal from the university occurs when students drop all of their courses within a semester.

Students may drop all of their courses through the middle of the term of instruction using the online enrollment system or in person at the Office of the Registrar, 150 Administration Building.

) here’s another example of a great cover letter the whole “cover letters” section of my archives (There are 56 posts in there; read them.) And yes, that’s a lot and it will take time.