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A new study by Swedish researchers suggests humans can tell, through visual cues alone, when another person is battling a bacterial infection. But what makes this type of winter storm so "explosive" besides the name? New research into the consumption of "fake news" has found little evidence that it swayed the US presidential election.

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"Not that they were unfamiliar with the possibility that people would use Grindr for an art project, but that they would use it without their knowledge or consent." Other Internet art projects Shaka Mc Glotten, a professor at the State University of New York who researches the interaction between art, technology and sexuality, says many artists are using the Internet and apps such as Grindr in their work.

But Mc Glotten stresses the need for an ethical and transparent approach when deploying these tools.

I think these questions are important to ask today," Verhoeven says. "The irony of course is that the purpose of the technology is to allow you to be located," Nyong'o notes.

He also wanted to question the privacy relationship between the user of such apps and the companies that own them - and often, their users' data. "But it's a delicate balance between when you choose to send out your location and when someone can just find it." It's often said that young Germans have never been so conformist.

" Verhoeven says he wanted to address the superficiality he sees in online dating platforms.