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He taught the local kids, including my siblings and I everything we had to know regarding swimming, and he ran a tight ship, with firm rules, when he manned Valley Pond.

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Then I gave her the live soundtrack I had gotten her and she smiled, and her friends came over to listen to it with her.

I hot my car back after a month, and a new phone cord and my record player's needle also.

In 1956, we moved out of downtown and built a very nice modern house on 40 acres of "country" land , our neighbors were the Jones, he was also a doctor.

My parents still live in my childhood home, and when my dad retired in the early 1980s, he sold most of the 40 acres so they had something to live comfortably on, and now its an middle class suburb.

When we finally got there, we stopped at a restaurant and had lunch and then we drove straight into the city. Jefferson Airplane was on a stage in the park, there were people walking in the street wearing love beads and tyedye. I was the lame kid who didn't do drugs,(Everyone knew one, didn't they), so when I bent over to get something out of the car, someone ran up and injected my thigh with something like LSD.

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