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The ceremony in ZAGS is similar to what happens at a civil ceremony in the West - the bride and the groom will be asked if they want to marry each other, and they must answer "Yes", then they exchange rings, then they kiss each other, then sign the registry, then the witnesses sign.The official representative of ZAGS will say a few words of greetings, and play the official hymn of marriage ceremony - march of Mendelssohn.Usually students worked in "stroyotryad" (temporary organized group of workers) during summer to make some pocket money and at the same time having "work experience" - seldom connected with their future profession, usually in building industry in the country side; this "third working semester" was mandatory for all students.

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Most couples wisely opt for a shortened version of the church marriage ceremony.

After the marriage ceremony the coupe leaves the guests for a tour around the city sights.

This tradition of an entertaining wedding comes from student traditions of making any event a real life comic script.

During Soviet times there was a communist youth organization called "Komsomol" that was responsible for communist upbringing of the youth; it's aim was to develop community spirit in young people, and this organization did lots of things to make the life of young people real fun.

There are of course many "ready to use" scripts that are doing rounds from one wedding to another, and witnesses usually review a few to compose their own.

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