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From that day Iqbal will take me to college holding me. But it felt nice in some way and I didn’t have to feel pain walking also.

n third day I lost my balance while trying to hold him and fell down. He offered to pick me up but I was shy, so refused. He held me with one hand around my knee and another wound around my upper torso.

Several times I felt the finger on nipple pressing on it.

I knew some about sex from other girls and found that my panties would get wet. I got better after 10th day and could walk a little; he said he misses picking me up and I was red in my face.

After kissing me for 2- 3 minutes he came out of car then opened my side of door and pulled me out then embraced me and kissed me all over my face and inserted his tongue in my mouth. Next morning when taking me to school, He asked me if I was angry with him and I replied shyly in negative.