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MAXtv To Go usluga ima snimalicu, videoteku i pun spektar programa baš kao i MAXtv, korisnici dobivaju ukupno tri televizije, jer putem jednog računa mogu istovremeno pratiti različite programe na IPTV-ju, smartfonu i tabletu.

Putem nadograđene aplikacije korisnici će mobitel moći koristiti kao daljinske upravljače za televizor, jednostavno prebacujući sadržaj s mobilnog uređaja na veći ekran.

Dvoje od troje ljudi u Hrvatskoj televiziju gleda na mobitelu, tabletu ili laptopu.

Kako je mobitel postao novi TV ekran, a tehnologija promijenila gledatelje i TV industriju?

Actress Maitland Ward Baxter poses topless (covered) for International Kiss A Ginger Day – Instagram, Snapchat, 01/12/2018.

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    Evie was due to have the vaccine just two days later, and I was unable to stop my mind projecting to a sad future in which my little girl might miss out on the chance of motherhood because of something I’d blithely given permission for her to do.

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    Japan maintains that annual whaling is sustainable and necessary for scientific study and management of whale stocks, though the Antarctic minke whale populations have declined since the beginning of the JARPA program Archeological evidence in the form of whale remains discovered in burial mounds suggests that whales have been consumed in Japan since the Jōmon period (between c. Without the means to engage in active whaling, consumption at that time primarily stemmed from stranded whales.

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    Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the many people who helped create and maintain the winning gardens.